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I Love it

This is my second cover up (for a second computer). I love this product. It is beautiful and it helps my computer stand out. I highly recommend cover up.

Distinctive and distunguished

Excellent case. Great quality and a bit different. Love it.

Very nice case

Case is of good build quality, feels great and looks very appealing.. It provides a sense of comfort that my phone is well protected!

45-days review

I am happy with the purchase of the cover and every time I take out my Mac I get aesthetic pleasure. However, it's only been 45 days and I really hope that the glue doesn't fail anywhere and the cover will serve well for a much longer period. So far I have no doubts. We'll see. 🤗

Abalone phone cover

It was exactly what I wanted.... it turned out great!

VERY Poor Fit, Customer Service Never Responded

Sizes verified.

I was SO excited to receive this second skin (front and back). On applying the top cover, the wood overhangs the back (folding) edge hangs over nearly 1/8” making it likely that I will at some point catch it on something and break it. Further, the Apple cut-outs cut is larger than the logo on my actual MacBook Air and it cannot be centered making it sloppy in appearance.

The bottom cover is whole different ball game. It is short over 1/8” on all sides, and the holes cut for the 4 feet-bumpers and the 4 screw holes do not match the actual correlating parts on the MacBook Air. Sloppy.

I addressed all of this in an email to Customer Service but never got a reply. I will start looking at other companies for future needs.


MacBook Pro 14" (M1 / M2, 2021-2023) — Stone Skin

Price should be revised

The skin looks good, but the price could be lower…. It is a skin not a cover

Colorful and cute


Very satisfied … cover-up 4 president.

Beautiful cover! Highly recommend.

The best of the best case

Perfect look. Very pleasant to the touch

Beautifully crafted and unique!

Love the mother of pearl shell case! It is beautifully crafted and holding up well. Its iridescent sheen provides a look that changes every time you look at it.

Samsung Galaxy S21 — Stone Explorer Case

Unique protective cover

The Cover up skin fits perfectly to my Macbook Pro laptop. It makes my laptop standout from others. They had a great selection of choices and shipped very quickly. I would recommend Cover-Up if you are looking for one of kind protection for your computer.

#WoodBack Wireless Charger
Aishah Martins-Soares

Practical, beautiful and unique….very happy :)

Love the look and quality of my Cover-Up

Always get complements and it does a great job protecting my MBP.

Bottom skin never attached properly

The bottom skin never attached properly. I received a replacement piece, which was even worse. I had to remove it, as it was very inconvenient and looked terrible, with edges coming off. Despite numerous contacts and a promise to send a new piece, I never received it. Absolutely not satisfied.

Great wood MacBook cover

This is the third time I have bought a Cover-up for my various MacBooks. The product is an excellent protection for your laptop. It looks fantastic!

Perfect fit and high quality product

The product perfectly fits my MB Pro 14" and gives it a unique and elegant look.
I bought similar cover in 2014 and again I'm glad I got it for my new laptop. Note that my cover from 2014 still looks great and is intact.

Highly recommended!

The skin looks good, feels great and has a lovely smell of wood. The service is excellent too!

Stony phone-y

Really like it. Dunno yet about its longevity but love the look and feel plus everything works as advertised.
Not sure why but the feel of a stone casing just feels amazing

Loving my wireless charger

Very nicely designed and constructed with a beautiful stone shell to match my MacBook cover. I can simply lay my phone down anywhere and get a quick bit of a charge or I can plug it in.

Great customer service l, especially Jonathan

I have to say, I am very very happy with Cover Up. They really back up their products. I purchased a wood back bottom skin for my friend’s MacBook Pro M2. But she found that the front and back sides are not adhering to the bottom well. So I wrote back to Jonathan with the intention of just letting them know that they could add scores to the front and back sides of their wood bottoms so that future customers would get good adherence. I was very surprised that Jonathan wrote back saying that they would replace the one that I bought for my friend taking into consideration the issue. I wasn’t expecting that. I loved their products and I wanted them to succeed. That was why I wrote to them about how they could improve the bottom skin. It was a pleasant surprise and both my friend and I really appreciated what Cover Up and Jonathan did. Excellent excellent products, customer care and company. I highly recommend them! Thank you!