Our Guarantee

The Quality Philosophy

We pride ourselves on our dedication to creating high quality accessories. We truly believe in getting things right first time. We also understand that sometimes problems don’t appear straight away. For this reason, all of our cases are guaranteed for one year against defects in both the materials and workmanship starting on the date of receipt from an authorised retailer. All claims must be supported by the original purchase receipt.

What's Covered

This guarantee is valid for 12 months, from the date of receipt of the item and includes all covers, cases, stands and pouches sold by Cover-Up via its website, www.coverupaccessories.com. It does not cover screen protectors or any electronic accessories (i.e. chargers).  This guarantee is not applicable for products purchased via secondary sales channels (such as Amazon, eBay, Play or Pixmania).

In order to be covered by the guarantee you must:

  • Be the initial purchaser of the product. An invoice or confirmation email will be required to confirm this. This guarantee is non-transferable with change of ownership
  • Have a product that shows a defect related to production failure, and not related to general wear and tear.

How To Claim

In order to make a claim against the Quality Philosophy please contact us, we will then inform you of how to return your product to us for evaluation. Please be aware that we will require photos of the defect.

Once you have registered your claim we will decide if it’s necessary for you to return your product to us for inspection. We will then assess your claim. This will usually take around 7 – 10 working days. Once we have made a decision we will contact you, never more than 14 working days after we receive the product.

What Happens Next

If we find that the Quality Philosophy does not apply to your product, or we cannot identify a problem, we will return the item to you. If we agree that there is a problem with the item which is covered by the Quality Philosophy we will take the appropriate steps to resolve the situation for you. If possible, we will repair the product or if not we will offer a suitable replacement. If a replacement product or suitable alternative is not available we will issue you with a refund for the current value of the product, in the form of store credit.

For more information on our Quality Philosophy, please read our Terms & Conditions of Sale.