Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Blackened Ash #WoodBack Explorer Case

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The #WoodBack Explorer Case is a beautiful blend of technology and nature designed to give extra protection for your Galaxy S7 Edge, to help it survive the most challenging of life’s adventures.

Combining a flexible rubber-like outer shell and durable polycarbonate body with a handmade real wood skin, each case is one of a kind. Just think of it as your very own work of art, all courtesy of Mother Nature.

Offering added impact protection, the lightweight case is moulded to precisely fit your Galaxy S7 Edge, guarding against drops, bumps and knocks, whilst allowing the real wood to take centre stage. Fully-covered edges and corners provide an extra layer of defence, while the specially textured sides give you added grip when you’re on the go. Not to be left out, a subtly raised bezel guards your screen against impact from drops and pesky scratches when placed face down.

Combining modern and traditional craftsmanship, each piece of wood is laser cut, before being hand-sanded (the good old fashioned way!) to create a super smooth exterior. Coated with a specially selected finish made from a blend of vegetable oils and waxes, the raw wood is given a subtle natural shine that allows it to age beautifully over time - with added protection from water and everyday dirt.

The perfect fusion of protection and style, the #WoodBack Explorer Case not only protects your technology but enhances it – naturally.

*All #WoodBacks are made from real wood so every skin or case will have a different and unique grain pattern. This means the #WoodBack you receive may look slightly different to the photograph. That is what makes your #WoodBack one of a kind!



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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Peter Thompson
love it

A great job aii around.

Jason Dodsworth
Nearly perfect case

Looks really good and feels solid. The shape and fit suggests it would protect against drops. The only downside is I find it a bit fiddly pressing the phones buttons and I find I often turn the volume up instead of down or activate Bixby rather than use the volume buttons

Marcus Zarb
Fantastic and stylish cover!

I remember seeing these covers on a YouTube video from a tech reviewer, could have been unbox tharapy but not sure. I had bought one a few years ago for an S7 edge I believe and it worked wonders. When it was time to upgrade my phone I couldn't remember the name for these guys and kinda regretted it. I was so glad I found them again. I love the cover really nice, durable, stylish and inexpensive. I think my only feedback for improvement would be the buttons. The material is durable and hard which is good but it takes a bit getting used to and a while for the phone to respond when adjusting volume for example. I really have to press hard on them. Perhaps using a softer material might help. Other than that really good, keep it up and thanks!

Lou Littler
Love it!

I Firstly ordered one of these great covers for my work phone (iPhone 6) - I liked it that much that I decided to order one for my other Phone (Galaxy S8) - Again, I love it!
The Covers are excellent quality and cover the phones where they need to leaving the side buttons free and more easy to access.
The wood really does look great and is so smooth to the touch - The sides provide easy to hold, non slip grip.
All in all I love this cover (and the one on my iPhone too) - Leaves your phone still looking like a phone from the front without the bulkiness of a thick cover at the sides sticking out.
I highly recommend.

Good quality.

The case looks and feels well made. It fits well around the edge of the phone. It provides adequate protection in low falls, having dropped it a couple of times in a few days of having the S8. The case has a lip that sits proud of the display, so if the phone is placed screen down it will avoid scratches from rough tables, however the reason for the 4 star review is the lip at the side of the phone interferes with the use of the edge feature slightly . This might be due to the geometry of the phone itself. Overall I would recommend this case for someone that is wanting an interest and attractive case that offers good level of protection.

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