Why we disappeared


It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Whether you’re wondering where on earth Cover-Up went and why, or you can’t even remember what Cover-Up is, this email is both an apology and an explanation. 

Cover-Up has always championed being different and doing different, which is why this email is deeper and more transparent than you might expect from an online business that makes unique products for phones and laptops. It’s worth taking 3 minutes to read, though, especially because it comes bearing gifts. 

First, the apology.

I’m Jonathan, the founder of Cover-Up, and the last time you heard from us was around a year ago when we shut down the website for a couple of weeks to move to our new workshop.   

And then... we never opened again. 

I’m sorry I didn’t let you know. So many of you emailed asking where we’d gone (and how you could get your hands on our skins and cases), and I wasn’t in a position to respond – until now. Again, I’m truly sorry about this. 

Next up, the explanation. Let’s break this down a bit.

>>> Taking the manufacturing in-house was a bigger challenge than anticipated

One of the most special features of buying a Cover-Up product was knowing it had been hand-made in our workshop in Wales, UK. Taking the manufacturing in-house was a very intentional decision, but setting up the process from scratch with a small team was seriously tough and threw up all kinds of unexpected challenges. 

Pair that with the fact that our profit margins were way too low for the quality of products we were selling meant that...

>>> I burnt out, bad

While Cover-Up was thriving, I was not. Even though the company had been running for 9 years, and I was beyond proud of what the team had achieved and the thousands of customers we’d made that little bit happier with our products, it ended up sucking too much from me. 

*Spoiler alert*  Working 100 hours a week, every week, is not sustainable. For me, it culminated in sleepless nights, cold sweats, crazy weight loss, and finding myself in a permanently bad mood. Which meant...

>>> My family life took a turn for the worse   

During my burn out, my long-term relationship with my partner, who is also the mother of my children, ended. There’s no need to go into the details, but it’s fair to say I hadn’t expected to be moving back in with my dad in my thirties. 

>>> My mental health took a nose-dive 

Business owners are still humans. And I was struggling to be any kind of human, let alone one that could run a business. There was the constant anxiety. The guilt of having to make 10 staff redundant. The sadness of splitting with my partner and spending less time with our kids. 

Making the decision to shut down Cover-Up was heart-wrenching. The team had worked so hard and made so many sacrifices to make it the success it was. By the end, I was exhausted, both mentally and physically, and I knew I couldn’t run a company sustainably until I could run myself sustainably. 

Fortunately, after taking some time, getting the help I needed, and overhauling my lifestyle, now I can. 

Which is why I’m thrilled to announce that Cover-Up is BACK in business, and I plan to make it better than ever. 

THANK YOU for supporting Cover-Up in the past – and hopefully sticking with us for much, much longer. Because we’re not planning on disappearing again :)

You’ll find all your favourites still there. Still beautiful, still one-of-a-kind and still hand-made in our Welsh workshop. 

Thank you for reading. Thank you for understanding. (And, hopefully, thank you for buying!)