A sleek, elegant, minimalist, classic, goes great with space grey, reconstituted-alternative to protected woods. "... a smooth yet real-world texture that enlivens our technological world with sophistication, elegance and a personal touch that no other skin quite gives you."


Burls are originated from a grain deformation caused by a disease or by small knots from dormant eyes or buds. They mostly grow hidden beneath the ground close to the roots. 

Wood color:wood with rich appearance which varies in shades of brown marked with brown or black burls. It's amongst the most expensive woods. Carpathian Elm Burl comes from the Carpathian mountains, in France.


Sourced from North America. Our Walnut varies from lighter pale brown to a dark chocolate brown with darker brown streaks. It has a beautiful grain which is usually straight, but can also have irregular patterns.. Nicknamed “the aristocrat of American woods, since Colonial times it has been transformed into beautiful furniture designs and is found in many heirloom and antique pieces. It is one of the few woods that improves with age, finishing beautifully and developing a rich patina as the years go by.


Our Aromatic Cedar is sourced from North American, and tends to be redish with pale yellow streaks and stripes- It has a unique straight grain with an abundance of knots and a smooth feel when finished. Aromatic Cedar is a unique tree and is known for its distinct aroma that comes from oils in the wood and leaves. Aromatic Cedar is fast growing and abundant and one of the most sustainable trees on the planet.


Made from gigantic America redwood, this medium offers beautiful grains swirls and patterns which are different on every piece and very eye catching. Our finish process brings out the beauty of this wood. Looks very dramatic and beautiful when finished! 

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