What Are They Made From?

100% real natural materials! Our #WoodBacks are made from many different species of wood… all ethically sourced from FSC accredited suppliers.Stone skins are made from exactly that…Stone! 

Sourced from quarries all over the world and carefully carved into beautiful layers just for you. You won't just be amazed by how they look but by how they feel too. 

Protective Finish

Our skins are coated with a specially selected finish made from a blend of vegetable oils and waxes. This gives the raw wood a subtle natural shine that allows it to age beautifully over time - with added protection from water and everyday dirt.    

How It’s Made

We design and create our cases from our workshop in Bridgend (a small town in South Wales) and ship them all over the world. Industry is a big part of this town’s heritage so it’s in our nature to get our hands a bit dirty. 

We’re born makers; attention to detail, beautiful craftsmanship and millimetre precision is in our DNA. And although technology may have moved on, our passion for production hasn’t. 

Designed By Nature

At Cover-Up, we design and make beautiful skins and cases for your MacBook, iPad or smartphone using natural materials. Hand-crafted in our workshop in Wales, UK. We’re here to make the generic world of technology as unique as you are.


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