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We Can See The Future

Ok, well perhaps this one was a little easy to predict. It's pretty safe to say that it's been in the pipeline for some time now. Finally, however, Google Glass is a reality.

What Does It Do?

So what does it actually do? According to a pretty cool promo page, and scarily exciting video, Glass assists users in the same ways as any good tablet; Essentially, Glass is a computer that you wear on your face. It can tell you the time, take pictures and record video, answer questions, give you directions, send messages and even translate phrases as the user requires them - handy for the regular traveller!  Available in 5 colours, Glass has been designed as empathetically as possible, however there is some way to go before it will look like an ordinary pair of specs. So, how do you get your hands on a pair, I hear you cry? Here's the catch...

How Do I Get It?

Glass isn't yet ready for general sale, with Google even happy to admit that it is still in the very early stages. Google themselves have said that "whilst it (Glass) will be exciting, it is unlikely to be perfect". So, in order the right users to aid Google in Glass' development, Google has cleverly launched a special competition. Entrants can contact Google via either Google+ or Twitter using the hashtag "#ifihadglass" to be in with a chance of being selected as one of the lucky winners. There are some catches, however. Entrants must be based in the US, will have to shell out $1,500 (plus tax!) to claim their prize should they be lucky enough to win, and will have to travel to Las Vegas, San Francisco or New York to collect their prize in person, courier delivery is not an option! Perhaps the trickiest bit however will be coming up with the creative dynamite required by Google to even be considered worthy of such a prize. Entrants have been asked to tell Google what they would do, should they have Glass, using 50 words or less, a maximum of 5 photos and a short video (15 seconds maximum).

What Do I say?

We've had a look around on both Google+ and Twitter, and have seen some both ingenious and ridiculous entries so far, including students wanting to share their travels overseas, musicians offering to show "ordinary" people what concerts look like from behind the scenes, athletes wanting to document their participation in all sorts of weird and wonderful sporting events (from an ironman to a rickshaw run!), truck drivers sharing their views, and surgeons sharing, well, surgery. There are, as always, some less imaginative suggestions, and of course some that we can't actually mention on a family-friendly blog such as this. Lots of websites are offering inspiration to help people come up with that one lucky tweet. Since we're based in the UK, we're out of the game already, but we'd love to hear any of your suggestions.

Our friendly giant James has kindly offered to use Glass to show "vertically-challenged" people what it's like to be tall: being able to actually see the band at gigs and reaching things from the top shelf in supermarkets.

What would you do?

Photo credit: Ted Etyan, Google Glass 23868. Available under Public License at Flickr. Image as supplied.